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Thursday, November 04, 2010


1.    Invariably we all find various images from the net for our routine use,download them,modify them and use them in our sites and posts....but are we authorised to do so?...coz each jpeg and image file by a digital camera holds info in form of metadata and in few cases...the images may be copy right which may inadvertently rule against the what to do to ensure safe...simple ...remove metadata from the image....but how? comes jhead for your help.Read and follow the instructions below :

- Press Start & Run or Windows key + R to open Run menu, type cmd.exe and press OK

- Type cd\     [To reach root directory]

- Type C:\md removemetadata     [To create a new directory by the name removemetadata]

- Type C:\cd removemetadata      [To reach the directory and Copy all pictures whose metadata is to be removed to this directory ]

- Download the program file jhead.exe to C:\removemetadata

- Type cd removemetadata

- To remove all metadata of all JPEG files in "this dir, type: jhead -purejpg * and press enter

- Done

2.    So doing this small,boring but important function will avoid case study like the mumbai case mentioned at an earlier post.

3.    Another easy way is to simply take a screen shot of the image and paste it in paint brush.But this would be cumbersome to do when the images are in bulk quantity.To download here


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