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Monday, November 01, 2010

6$ is all to shut down a Cloud Client site!!!!

1.    CaaS,as mention at an earlier blog post here,has come up with a new success(or is it failure?) story.Now this goes like this.....invest $6 and take down any client's server with the help of Amazon's EC2 cloud infrastructure!!!!!  

2.    The cloud-based denial-of-service attack was part of a presentation : Cloud Computing, a Weapon of Mass Destruction? An onsite demo during the presenatation by Bryan and Anderson involved entering a name and credit card number, the experts created a handful of virtual server instances on Amazon's EC2. They started with only three virtual servers, uploaded their prototype attack tool, called Thunder Clap, scaled up to 10 servers, and then took their client's company off the Internet.Security consultants David Bryan of Trustwave and Michael Anderson of NetSPI said that they encountered nothing to stop them, like no special bandwidth agreements and no detection mechanisms for servers taking malicious actions. Their Thunder Clap program uses cloud-based services to send a flood of packets toward the target company's network. They reported that they can control the software directly or through a command left on a social network.Bryan and Anderson launched the attack to test their client's network, a small business that wanted its connectivity tested. According to DarkReading, Bryan said, "A threat agent could potentially run extortion schemes against a company by attacking for a couple of hours -- and then telling the company that, if you don't pay me, then I will attack you again." Amazon reportedly failed to reply to complaints by the security consultants.

3.    This can provision customised Botnets availability on rent, giving "would-be attackers a criminal 'cloud' from which to buy services."......seems like it is still tooo early to rely 100% on CLOUDS!!!!!!


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