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Monday, November 01, 2010

Bredolab grabs Attention

1.    A 27-year-old Armenian man has been charged as being the mastermind behind the Bredolab botnet, a network of millions of compromised computers worldwide.Main features of this trojan botnet are enumerated below for info : 
  • Users of computers with viruses from this network will receive a notice of at the time of next login with information on the degree of infection. 
  • Bredolab, known for spreading spam and rogue antivirus, is thought by some experts to have infected at least 30 million computers.
  • Spread via drive-by attack websites and spam email attachments.
  • Infecting machines with a backdoor that downloads additional malware without the victim's knowledge. 
  • Sends out spoofed password reset messages to Facebook users in an attempt to spread malware and infect users of the social network.
  • Has the power to obtain information on the user's computer including the ability to copy, change or delete files and other information," 
  • Pushdo botnet uses Facebook to spread malicious email attachment: A phony message warns users that their Facebook password has been reset.
  • Majority of infections are in the U.S. and the U.K. and many Western European countries.
  • Discovered by the Dutch High Tech Crime Team in the late summer.
  • Capable of infecting 3 million computers a month. The botnet network used servers hired in the Netherlands from a reseller of LeaseWeb, which is the largest hosting provider in the Netherlands, and one of the largest hosts in Europe.
  • Able to constantly change its appearance to avoid detection by traditional antivirus signatures. Like other botnets, the Trojan communicated with the command-and-control server using encrypted messages.


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