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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

MICROSOFT & Failures!!!

1.     For a IT giant like MicroSoft,this would not sync well,but for Microsoft,the year 2010 has seen more of closures of major projects launched with lots of promises and fanfare but somehow unfortunately it did not go the way microsoft desired tooo...and so had to be shut down in the same year....the list goes like this with some details in few lines ....
  • February 2010 saw Microsoft announcing discontinuation of "Xbox Live service for original Xbox consoles and games.
  • April 2010, Microsoft confirmed stopped working on tablet project, codenamed Courier which was touted to be an Apple iPad rival. 
  • September 2010, Microsoft announced that the Windows Live Spaces blogging service will be Terminate gradually in favour of
  • May 2010, Microsoft announced halt on the Response Point phone system. 
  • June 2010 saw Microsoft announcing discontinuation its new generation of smartphones.
  • September 2010, Microsoft announced closure of Vine, a service built to help keep friends and family in touch during emergencies. 

2.      Thanks TimesofIndia


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