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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hacking a HEART : Lover's Dream vs Hacker's BEAT IT!!!

1.    I think this is yet to come even on screen...but has unfortunately happened in real life.So we have all heard of Pacemakers that keep connected to internet to provision live feed of diagnostic parameters to their doctors mobile phone!!!smart....veri those of you who read this for the first time....the cardiac pacemaker's based on internet call essential parameters to assist in diagnosis and fine-tuning.The patient's data is sent automatically on a daily basis to their cardiologist. This greatly simplifies patient care and can improve quality of life significantly..but now read on whats the worry about.One top google search led me to this vendor St. Jude Medical.Details of such selling pacemakers at this site.

2.     So hacking a heart has been a lover's dream for ages....but in this age it can be hacked and controlled in all means.I read this article by Nick Barron at and another one by GREGORY FERENSTEIN at

At a recent developer conference, a pacemaker was wirelessly hacked to send deadly 830 volt shocks. Even worse, it would be “100 percent possible” that virus could spread to other devices in a wave of “mass murder”.The demonstration showed how to rewrite the devices onboard software (firmware). 

3.   So now what?.....this means that all those light hearted guys who are surviving on such internet based pace makers for actually facilitating live feed to their respective doctors now also need to worry about eating Antivirus Tablets and wearing Firewall Clothes!!!!uuh!!!!Although the recipe bought out here 
makes a perfect movie story but is actually a pretty worrisome worry!!!

4.    The image shown above is for reference only for the readers to see how actually a internet based pacemaker looks like.Case in point hacking of the device has got no link to the company and any of its product.


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