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Friday, October 19, 2012

Is your ANTIVIRUS spying you ?

1.    Now as the Cyber Crime grows exponentially,so has the world of antivirus companies....the list is pretty how do all these antivirus companies work.Do they all research separately and develop separate signatures for each virus/malware found or do they have such common platform or standard wherein they share each others views and technologies.As I see on Wiki about the list of antivirus companies,they originate in different countries.Details of the page showing a compare of all such antivirus companies can be seen here.Well....what I am going to discuss here is importance of the country origin.

2.  Lets say I have antivirus company by the name of ABC that has its origin and complete team of researchers and developers from India.Now there is a user in some XYZ Country that uses this antivirus.Now while installing the antivirus,while he accepts the terms and conditions(who reads it anyway?),who stops the ABC antivirus from issuing some malware/spyware for that user PC.In the scan it can not be detected since it is being scanned by the installed antivirus.Now with some vested interest, the ABC Company can actually play havoc with confidential info of the user without giving a cue to the user.Who knows what all signatures released by the company contain? Even while submitting a sample virus,it is done mostly in a encrypted or a bundled form!!!!

3. Although institutes like EICAR (European Institute for Computer Antivirus Research) are there,but they also do not have any control over such issues!!!!If any one  has some idea on the subject ...please let me know vide email or comment here.....


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