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Friday, October 19, 2012

New Generation Biometrics : YOUR EYE MOVEMENTS ARE UNIQUE

1.   New generation Biometric Techniques have always raised appreciating eyebrows across.Like when I discussed about EARS SPEAKING at when-ears-speak.html.Although there are so many unheard unique and being used biometric in the offering this is certainly that I read on simply on curiosity.The complete post is at

2.   Now in brief goes like this :

-   This biometric system identifies people by the way they flicker their eyes while looking at a computer screen. 

-   Discovered and innovated by Oleg Komogortsev, a computer scientist at Texas State University-San Marco, is making use of the fact that no two people look at the world in the same way . When looking at a picture, different people will move their eyes among points of interest in different sequences.

-   Even if two people trace the same paths, the exact way they move their eyes differs, the 'LiveScience' reported. 

-   Eye movements could become part of the next generation of a more established biometric iris scans.


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