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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

DRDO HACKED : NO....YESS...NO...YESS!!!!goes on...

1.    Now nothing new about this news....its just another hacking news among-st the millions of hacking news and scrolls daily....but it has become an eye popper because it has the word DRDO in it..... that's the Defence Research and Development Organisation.

2.   Though DRDO straight away denies it that it can never happen(whats the basis behind is a well guarded secret...)...but Pawan Duggal,a known Cyber Expert says that never in the history of "India Hacked" past has such voluminous data transferred and resided in servers outside the country down here

3.    The hacking is suspected to have been carried out by Chinese hackers and there are fears that some sensitive information could have been compromised.When asked about it, Defence Minister A K Antony said, "Intelligence agencies are investigating the matter at this stage and I do not want to say anything else."

Commenting on the issue, DRDO spokesperson Ravi Gupta said, "As per our information, no computer or network of the DRDO has been compromised."(Offcourse they have records to prove that all sentries and guards were on duty at the moment hackers claim they hacked DRDO....pun intended SIR!!!!!)

4.     Today things in context of Cyber Security at national level stand at a very critical juncture...infact I feel that juncture is past now....we are already late...but still we read and hear that Cyber Security Policy of India will arrive soon.....(i know cut paste also takes time....pun intended!!!!!)..READ HERE

5. India I am sure will keep busy with hiding elephants......jantar mantar.......elections...2014....italy guards.....bhagwan etc etc...but if the priorities don't change the order soon...India will be backed up and downloaded in some other country will be veri sad...we are one of the leaders in IT industry....specially software but we have not been able to exploit this potential for in house strengthening...we are all concerned for individual growth...vo subah kabhi to aaayegi....vo subah kabhi to aaayegi!!!!!


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