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Thursday, March 21, 2013


1.   Modular data center system's are a portable method of deploying data center capacity ie an alternative to the typical building set up like traditional data center.

2.   In general Modular data centers come in two types of form factors. 

-    Containerized Data Centers  fits data center repository (servers, storage and networking equipment) into a standard shipping container.A perfect example of this is the NEBULA@NASA.Few details of this are mentioned below :

How Nebula Looks Like ?

Features :

    -  40-foot long container
    -  Designed in consultation with CISCO
    -  built inside a FOREST container from Verari Systems
    -  Self-service platform built from open source software
    -  Each shipping container data center can hold up to 15,000 CPU cores
    -  Can accommodate files as large as eight terabytes 
    -  Can accommodate an individual file system of 100 terabytes
    -  Makes easier for NASA scientists to share large/complex data sets

2.   Another form of modular data center fits data center equipment into a facility composed of Prefabricated components.Example is HP’s version of this type of modular data center, which it calls Flexible Data Center.How this looks like is shown below :


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