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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


1.      This will  be a surprise news for those who have were updated till Backtrack 5R3....the same team has come up with some thing more powerful thats named...KALI LINUX....:-)....and not BACKTRACK 6.0......few key points about KALI....

-    Based upon Debian Linux, instead of Ubuntu 

-    New streamlined repositories synchronize with the Debian repositories 4 times a day.

-   Another great feature introduced is that, because of Debian compliant system, it is now able to Bootstrap a Kali Installation/ISO directly from Kali repositories. This allow any user to easily build their own customization of Kali, as well as perform enterprise network installs from a local or remote start distributing your own ISO....

-   More than 300 penetration testing tools, completely free, Open source, Vast wireless device support, GPG signed packages and repos, Multi-language, Completely customizable make this distribution one of the best available masterpiece of  hacking community.

-    Once again, default root password is same “toor“, you can download Kali Linux here.

2.    My download will start tomorrow morning....will keep me busy for few days and hours...:-)

3.     Thanks


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