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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Being PGDIS : Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security@IGNOU

1.   In my endeavour to gain skill sets in Cyber Security,I have been stuffing my profile in past few years with professional Qualifications in the IT security field...though I personally feel simply loading with qualifications is not an authority to you being an expert but what matters more in this field is hands on practical training and knowledge...but still some gut feeling from inside makes me always enroll for some good course in addition to continuous hands on attempts with pracs.So in past as I qualified CCCSP@CDAC,CEH@EC-Council, and few qualifications from ASCL,Alison,Rackspace etc I got myself enrolled for a longer version course(One year)...PGDIS@IGNOU...and passed out last week with 81.13 percentage marks.Here I bring you out basic features of this course...

- Stands for Post Graduate Diploma in Information Security

- This programme emphasizes specifically on the User’s Security Awareness and needs as follows:

    - Securing one’s own desktop.
    - Securing one’s own data.
    - Securing one’s connectivity.
    - Secure browsing. (E-mail, Internet application)
    - Secure Internet transaction.
    - W3C Compliance.
    - Employee perspective of ISO 27000
    - Securing Web servers/ services.
    - Cyber Forensics.
    - Securing in the mobile world
    - Govt. rules in IT Security

- Subjects covered in this course vide two semesters are as seen below :

Click to Enlarge

- Course fee is Rs 9000/- per semester


3.  I would like to bring out another good thing about this course...the staff involved is surprisingly amazing and prompt.I always had this view about IGNOU being a sarkari university with slow staff,slow procedures,slow communications and so on...but the kind of dedicated staff that is available for this course deserves accolades and loads of appreciation...the study center staff with Mr Santosh,Mr Niranjan @ Delhi Center , Dr Anup Girdhar as the conducting instructor and guide for course/project and Ms Urshla Kant,coordinating staff from the Faculty of SOVET......all working together to bring out this relatively good course that programmes,theory and practicals....I found it much contentful then CEH,CISSP etc.Wish them al d best....


  1. Did you have to attend many tutorials (Lab & Theory) and submit assignment.?
    Were the exams question easy to crack by just studying from the notes they provide? I plan to take pgdis from Jan 2016.