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Sunday, November 02, 2014

My blog hits : 2,00,000 plus :-)

Exactly about a year back my blog got the 1,00,000th hit and today it is 2,00,000 plus. So a decent traffic by a technical standard since technical blogs do not have the glam and mass factor associated....I got into blogging without knowing any thing about traffic and readers and then maintaining a blog when you are working also is at times difficult.This actually means the time you could have spent with your family is being spent on blogging.But then as we say "Purpose is the reason you journey and Passion is the fire that lights your way."...and so has been applicable to me.Simply the passion to study and share IT and experiment with tools and researches has been the force for my energies being put in here.I bring out the stats here of the 2 Lakh hits from Google Analytics.

Blog Page showing visitor count 
Rise over years
 Country wise state of visitors
 Browser state of users
 Operating Systems of users


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