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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Setting up Metasploit on a BackTrack5 R3 VM with SSH connectivity@Putty

1.    Setting this up is a simple thing till the time you know how to do I bring you a step by step thing of how you putty to a Backtrack5 v3 machine installed in a Virtual Box from a Ubuntu host OS....

2.    First thing is configuring a additional network card on the BTR3 machine.Select the virtual machine and click on Settings,then move to Network settings and then in the Network adapter, there will be a pre-installed NAT adapter for internet usage of the host machine.Under Adapter 2 select Host only Adapter.

Adapter 1 Default Configuration
 Adapter 2 to be Configured
Before you get ready to ssh...u need to ensure that ssh service is running in Backtrack...which by default is the terminal commands as seen below in the screen shots...

ifconfig as seen at terminal of the Backtrack R3 machine
 Putty to IP of the Backtrack Machine
Putty successfully asks for login as seen below :

 Login with Backtrack credentials :
Here  above we get the msfconsole...ready to accept the commands....


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