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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

GSM vs CDMA & Open Market Handset

1. In recent times, another field that has been buzzing vibrantly apart from IT is the world of mobiles and tele-communications. I have somehow always endeavored to be updated on computers and IT…..but this field is also a very concerning field to dig and poke into.

2. So the first thing of interest to me was to know as to why in India, CDMA has not been such a huge success as in west.Why GSM has been given the lead in handsets. Why is it that a CDMA subscriber has a limited choice of handsets and a GSM subscriber has a variety to choose from? To be with stats, of the 376.12 million mobile subscriber base(ex INDIA only) only 97.77 million use CDMA network.(Pic Inset courtesy :

3. CDMA services were launched in the year 2002 in India with the sole intention of acquiring a sizeable subscriber base by allowing the customers to affordable devices with minimum features like color screen and FM Radio. In order to attain this aim,the OEMs then introduced handsets that could be used only with their networks. More distinctly I remember RELIANCE doing the brunt of the job. But that was in 2002.Over last seven years, the times have commuted, the customer’s desires have changed, the technology has changed, the psych of the intended customer has changed for better. He has become ready to shelve out some money for more features and why not? With the introduction of handsets like Nokia 5800,LG Cookie and Samsung Pixon, the customer is likely to be enticed!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Those customers who got into the CDMA tag over the years have had no problem with the services proffered, the price of the calls, all is OK except for the problem that they have to persist in with the same handset for so long as there is no choice in the CDMA segment. But not now……OEMs of the handsets have started coming up with new generation handsets which support both GSM and CDMA in one. The most common handset manufacturers that come first to mind include NOKIA,SAMSUNG,LG,VIRGIN,MOTOROLA and now more promising Indianised manufacturers include FLY,GEE PEE,X FONE,LEMON,MAGICON(I am certain u have heard none of them)

5. So the good thing about the CDMA subscribers is the introduction of OMH ie Open Market Handset started by the CDMA development group which is an international body comprising CDMA Operators, manufacturer’s and application providers. This body enables full boasted CDMA devices to be used in any OMH compliant operator network. Thus the Bandhan of constraining to one operator and OEM is no more rifer.


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