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Saturday, June 27, 2009


1. I was really amazed to read this one in TOI today wherein I came to know that in few remote villages of south India,some panic occured after they found a chip resembling a pen drive in their toilet soaps.

2. This was prominent in a village near Bajpe and as rumours spread that the chip was a bomb or was inserted to make blue films, the villagers made a beeline to the police station. Police investigated and found that the chip was installed for collecting data. A team from Hindustan Lever Limited was conducting studies related to Lifebuoy soap and its usage in the village.

3. “There was nothing harmful in it. A chip was installed in the soaps as a part of the research. The team had visited about 28 houses. A representative from UK, Julian Collins had explained the villagers in detail about the project. The only mistake was that they had not obtained permission from the district administrator to conduct the research,” he added.

4. Though most of the houses had signed a consent letter for the use of the soap, on seeing the chip, they panicked. The company’s documents, however, showed everything was above board.Meanwhile, Sumathi, Project co-ordinator of the company said, “Hindustan Lever Limited was conducting a two-year project to study children’s health in connection with the use of Lifebuoy soap.

5. Thus chip was a data-collection card which entered data about the children’s health in relation to the number of times they used the soap.All documents regarding the research project are clear and the company had obtained permission from the superintendent of police and about 30-40 people were working on the project.

6. Wonder what else is in store when this can be claimed to be the begining of some sort in the name of research and

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