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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Buy a Keyboard : Get a Computer

1. When you buy a computer,you buy a keyboard : LOGIC UNDERSTOOD.

2. When you buy a Keyboard,you get a computer : LOGIC NOT UNDERSTOOD.
3. Let me explain Para 2.Asus has come up with a EEE Keyboard which is actually a PC with a typical QWERTY keyboard,minus NUM PAD.In place of the numpad ,we get a 5 inch,800 x 400 resolution touch screen.

4. Keyboard is equipped with a Intel Atom Processor,16 GB SSD,1 GB Memory,VGA & HDMI OUTS,a few USB Ports and support for WiFi and Blue tooth.

5. Cost : Approx 24K to be launched in June 09 : INDIA


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