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Monday, June 22, 2009

Hi Tech Door Bell : Is it required?

1. IT is venturing into all Gali's and Muhallah's at global level.It is no more confined to certain sectors.Well,I am writting this one because it made me laugh all the way!!!may be I am being foolish but I am still laughing while I am writing this.

2. I recently came across this good tech info site ie that introduced me to the subject heading.The picture explains it all...yes!!!this is a door bell...

3. It made me laugh because I directly connected it with the INDIAN RESIDENCES.The doodh wala,the safaiwala,the milk man,all friends and relatives,the surprising visitors,we have all encountered and will keep encountering till eternity in India atleast.So I was wondering what thier reactions would be like if they read all that.

4. But anyway the idea is good and is based on simple database query run fed by the owner of the house or office


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