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Monday, July 06, 2009

AMD : The Launch of ISTANBUL

1. I really wonder whats going to be the end of MOORE's Law.Where did the thing start from and whats going to be the conclusion or is their really going to be any?First it was the pentium, then pentium 2,then 3 ,then 4,then Core 2 duo,dual core,then it was Quad Core and now comes the launch of SIX PACK ABS .....sorry..I mean Six Core Processor,the first of its kind from the AMD,to be known as the ISTANBUL Processor.Why so named is still a question?

2. The good thing is that these processor can simply be used to replace and upgrade the existing lot of Quad Core processors ie the Opteron Series without investing again into the motherboard and making it obsolete.

3. Istanbul comes with a powerful DDR2 memory architecture and the AMD virtualisation technolgy.Just to be clear these are 6 distinct physical cores, just as the Shanghai processors contained 4 distinct physical cores. Each core comprises 512K of L2 cache and 128k of L1 cache. The L3 is a 6MB cache shared by the six cores.

4. This also comes as an answer to the Intel's "Nehalem" Xeons.I assume that with the launch of ISTANBUL,now the quad series of the AMD is heading for a conclusion and a farewell from the exisiting motherboards since Istanbul can simply fit into the same slot as the Quad core's.

5. So next after Istanbul will be ?????.......Afghanistan!!!!ha ha ha....long and fast lives the MOORE's Law.


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