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Saturday, July 11, 2009


1. What's the route from the moment you click any pic from your digital camera or your camera phone to the time you upload the selected few.It involves clicking the pic followed by Booting-up your computer, plugging in your camera, uploading pics to the hard drive and finally choosing what to send to the web !!!that has started becoming annoying now...since the number of pics a camera freak clicks is he generally shams it out and let them remain in the stoarge media by default.

2. SOLUTION : EYE-FI Memory Card. The Eye-Fi camera memory card (Pic in set) not only provides memory as usual for your pictures, but uploads the snaps as you take them.

3. The procedure involves just sync the card to a hard drive or Wi-Fi network, and getting it plugged into a digital camera and start snapping away. Pics are then routed to the hard drive or to one of 17 photo vendors (like Facebook or Flickr.) The card's software deftly handles scaling and compression while privacy settings at the individual sites allow you to filter what gets published. The software handles scaling and compression as well as privacy settings.

4. The Wi-Fi chip uses 70 percent less power than competing products, allowing it to be comfortably nestled in a standard SD card.


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