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Wednesday, July 08, 2009


1. In an earlier post when I had discoursed how much prone are you at any cyber cafe or at some other non friendly computer when u surf web on a holiday outside or when u dont have your own laptop,how prone you become to keylogger!!I had given out given out few suggestions in form of using mobile/portable browser etc. that was at

2. Not a new thing but I tried this for the first time yesterday ie KYPS that stands for Keep Your Password Secret.Now for the understanding of this I will write a small step by step instruction.


How to avoid typing username and password at the outside or malicious looking cyber cafe computer.?


(a) Register at

(b) Get a set of codes at your email id

(c) Register those username/passwords site that u intend using sometime later at some other computer.

(d) Now when u wish to access the email account at the cyber cafe you simply have to log into the site of KYPS and site will help you reach and access the e-mail without using the username and password,but by using the one time codes that I had mentioned earlier.


(a) You register your email id at KYPS.

(b) Once you register,a set of codes will be mailed to you.Qty will be decided as per your choice.Say 80.

(c) These codes will look some thing like :

100 9?nRQuJ8p 110 DzobNpk?M 120 Xg1Z2kXsL 130 maXXcACKV
101 x0Ivy4XsB 111 jcK8p7JRl 121 WqJ6GXDz4 131 XfjKVH65p
102 ilKzybBE0 112 /nvspLbmr 122 VoaX7yI1 132 5ILuG5ddN
103 tXaRNJwk? 113 lcMEO?GN? 123 MjpXow3CI 133 vBbKpkXiT
104 lAJNJnfcZ 114 Lf?U7Zzyn 124 VX71za0+J 134 KGXkxsVc

(d) You go to a Cyber Cafe.Log into the KYPS site with your e-mail id.

(e) Select which e-mail you would like to access.

(f) Once selected, KYPS will ask you the equivalent code of 100 ie 9?nRQuJ8p

(g) and you log into the email page to access your mails.

(h) DONE.That's it.


The only risk you build here is that since you rely on KYPS which has your info in their server but they claim is never stored.So one risk closed is one risk open......thats the funny side of SECURITY


  1. is it worth the risk?risk never gets over once u r on the web!!!