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Friday, July 03, 2009

Check your ANTIVIRUS'es Loyalty : EICAR Way

1. The world of bloggers is increasing at an astonishing pace and there are lots and lots of good of them with loads of beneficial and estimable info. Recently I came across one good one that introduced me to "The European Institute for Computer Anti-Virus Research" (EICAR).

2. Now this was able to provide me a real cool trick that of testing the reliability of the antivirus being run. I tested the same on two computers. One with a antivirus loaded and the other one badly infected. I will now share the cream instead of minting words.

3. It is just a matter of simple cut & paste.Just do the following steps and the matter of how reliable your antivirus is will be taken care of.

(a) Open Notepad and paste the code given below


(b) Save the notepad with the name

4. If ur Anti-Virus is powerful , it will stop u from saving .. Or atleast trap it few seconds after saving.

5. That’s it!!!!!So simple.So my infected computer was able to save the same and the F - secured one caught the moment I tried saving it and deleted it too!!!!!!!!Screen shot in set

6. Thanks EICAR and


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