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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WiFi Amplified 10 times : Here comes WiGig™

1. WiFi,the term that has revolutionised our lives at home with ease of access and mobile internet connectivity is all set to receive a major boost in speed when the 60GHz frequency band comes into operation. Wi-Fi Alliance® confirmed an alliance with WiGig™ to expand the current WiFi band range. Current WiFi technologies will remain, with the new 60Ghz range coming in to compliment these already existing technologies. 60 GHz device connectivity will be an exciting enhancement to the capabilities of today's Wi-Fi technologies. It will expand the utility of Wi-Fi, used by hundreds of millions of people every day.The goal - to bring 7Gbps wireless connectivity to users!!!!

2. How does this happen? Basically transfer speeds that are 'turbo boosted'. Today maximum data transfer speeds are in the region of about 150 Mbps. Bringing in this new technology will boost that figure to anywhere between 1 Gbps to 7 Gbps. That is about 10 times faster than the norm today. On the flipside, higher frequency waves don't have the range of current lower frequencies, and the 60 Ghz band travels in a straight line, meaning one would need line of sight between two devices to transfer data.

3. Estimates are that this technology will be available in devices that have dual-band or tri-band capabilities, in approximately two years. These devices will most likely have the ability to switch between the current 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz, and the 60 Ghz band.


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