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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Prisoners all set to est BPO : A first from Cherlapally Central Jail

1. In a country where media,politicians,government, bureaucrats,actors,sportsman etc etc and most of the citizens are busy baking power and minting money,this is one news that could do HINDUSTAN proud.

2. In a bold & really unique experiment,likely to be the first of its kind in our country,there will soon be BPO units with the inmates as employees. This is a unique development and Cherlapally Central Jail in Hyderabad@Andhra Pradesh is the first prison throughout the country to have such a unique facility in its premises.These BPO units will have educated convicts serving out their terms. A public-private partnership was signed up between the prison authorities and the Bengaluru based IT firm, Radiant Infosystems.As many as 250 inmates will be enrolled in the BPO unit and they will be later shortlisted according to their qualifications. Most of the inmates are matriculates and graduates. The shortlisted inmates will then be given training by experts and then absorbed by the BPO company into their Jail unit. For starters, the convicts working there will not have any access to phones as in the case of a normal call centre. They will be mostly involved in bank-related data entry and transfer work.

3. "We found that large number of convicts are willing to work on computers. So, I thought these prisoners can made use of and they can be put on computer-based jobs," said Gopinath Reddy, Director General For Prisons, Andhra Pradesh.

4. This is really positive contribution I feel....although a percent of readers may tend to opine about QoS etc...but...worth a start and Idea....