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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mobiles & Brain Cancer : WHO Speaks.

1. In an earlier post at,wherein the sad and bad effects of using mobiles on brain and health,the quantified SAR ie specific absorption rate were discussed.There is good news for those who always feared using mobile phones for standing at a risk to gain brain cancer in the long run.The WHO study on links between mobile phone use and certain types of brain cancer has proved inconclusive.The researchers said that even though there could be possible health risks from heavy mobile phone use, nothing conclusive has been found as yet.

2. The long ten year study of about 13,000 people focused on both healthy users of mobile phones and those with two types of brain cancer - glioma and miningioma tumors. There were suggestions of an increased risk of glioma, and much less so meningioma, in the users with highest decile (10 per cent) of cumulative call time, in subjects who reported phone use on the same side of the head as their tumor. Strangely though, the study declares these 10 per cent to be people who use their phone to call for more than 30 minutes a day. These stats seem seriously doubtable. Going by it, almost everyone we know is in that 10 percent.

3. However, the study has been criticized, as biased, because mobile phone companies provided 25 percent of the it is more then 15 years when the world has been actively using mobiles...more so in india in last 10 years....had it been the other much of the human populi in the world would have been effected by now....


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