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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why not leapfrog 3G TO 4G?

1. It has actually been veri long hearing about Indian Government trying/deciding to start the 3G Spectrum allocation. Finally few decisions have been made in last few weeks and something has been done in a limited capacity.Now till the time this limited capacity becomes ready to take on fully operational 3G Services across India,3G will be without doubt an obsolescent and old technology at global level.The amount of infrastructure,investment,time and loads of effort that will be sucked in by this 3G setup is likely to go in waste considering the thirst everywhere to be at par with the latest in communication.3G may look good today when we are not aware of 4G Technology.For those who are interested to know about 'G' family in brief,pls click here.

2. So,still when the exhaustive details on spectrum auction are awaited,why not leap frog to 4G thus vamoosing the extraordinarily delayed 3G for attaining higher data speeds to finally allow users in India to experience the "state of art speeds".


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