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Saturday, July 03, 2010


1. Cows and data centers ???Whats the link.......any guesses....strange you may find but this has come from HP who feel that both entities are on for the link///

2. According to HP Labs, the estimate dairy cow produced is about 55 kg of manure per day, and thus 20 metric tons per year. The manure that one dairy cow produces in a day can generate 3.0 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electrical energy.A medium-sized dairy farm with 10,000 cows produces about 200,000 metric tons of manure per year. This farm can fulfill the power requirements of a medium sized 1 megawatt (MW) data center.The heat generated by the data center need not be wasted. Instead, it can be used to break down animal waste which results in the production of methane.Methane can then be used to generate power for the data center.HP Labs researchers say that this symbiotic relationship allows the waste problems faced by dairy farms and the energy demands of the modern data center to be addressed in a sustainable manner.

3. Actually HP should have not just come up with the idea...with the strong hold they have in the would have more suited them to actually attempt the same on ground rather then advising and making statistical data of the dung!!!!


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