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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Augment your regular desktop with a FACE RECOGNITION feature

1. Face recognition technology although has been compromised earlier on various times and occasions which have been mentioned at this blog here,here and here.But again things are improving with more complex algorithms being used for processing and allowing a person to Log In.Now suppose an online exam is being conducted which requires students to login with their accounts; anybody could login with anybody’s account as long as they knew their username and password.So for regular window OS users,Luxand Blink allows an alternative to traditional Windows login and a solution to problems. It provides its users with a different way to login to Windows: through Facial Recognition.
2. Luxand Blink is a free application comptable with 32 bit version of Windows Vista and Windows 7. The download size of the application is 8MB and installs in a standard way. A webcam is required to be installed in the computer...(did I need to tell that?)

3. So just look into a webcam for a moment, and you’ll be logged into your account before you notice. Blink! employs advanced face recognition technologies to provide automatic, quick and reliable login to one or many computer users. It uses its advance image recognition algorithms to recognize our face. Such is the competence of this application, that whether the lighting is different or our hair are different, Luxand Blink will still recognize our face and log us in.So a regular old desktop becomes ready with the FACE RECOGNITION feature.


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