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Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Google detects Invalid clicks?

More often then not,most of the registered Google Ad sense users are always tempted to increase their clicks on the ad to generate some monetary benefit....this one comes specially for all those who try tricks of trade....believe it or not their are none... Google is tooooooooo down below and links below :

1. IP Address

If those clicked on their own ads multiple times from the same IP address means you will sure get banned.

2. Sabotaged by third party

Sometimes, you may also be sabotaged. A third party may decide to do a series of illegal clicks on your advertisements for the purpose of getting you banned. If you notice any suspicious clicks of this nature, Google encourages you to report it to them.

3. CTR

The normal CTR ratio must be in between 0.5% – 15%. Anything more then 15% will be flagged.

4. Cookies

Few Adsense users, use the trick by using the dynamic IP address but it falls flat as cookies in computer can be used to track our cookies and help identify the invalid clicks.

5. Physical Location

Google has many software and bots to trace. They will trace the IP address of the small town and city. So do not click your own ads in different internet cafe and also in friend’s home. If you do this, your account will flagged.

6. Fake Web Traffic

Fake web traffic is anything that generates false impressions on your Google AdSense advertisements, including participating in link farms or link exchange directories.

7. Search Engine Ranking

If you got many clicks without the help of search engine ranking, social media traffic means Google will easily smell it.

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