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Monday, July 19, 2010

Increasing Laptop Bty Life : Few ways

1. Hibernate: Hibernating the laptop is always a tidier option than putting it on standby, or shutting it down. This is because the laptop’s hibernate mode saves it in the state it was hibernated in, and does not require the laptop to reboot all applications, thereby using much less power.

2. Get some extra RAM: Whenever a laptop runs short of RAM memory it end up shifting to the virtual memory which results in hard disk use, which is a much less efficient option in terms of power consumption. Putting in extra RAM does use more power, so don’t get too much extra, but when compared to the use of virtual memory it’s a more efficient option.

3. Apply energy saving options on the OS

4. Bring down the brightness of the screen

5. Shut Down External devices: Most USB devices and other external devices like external hard drives or USB lights or even USB mice should be switched off and removed if not in use.

6. Shutdown background apps

7. Amend battery cycle: For a healthy Lithium-ion based battery, it is always suggested to keep the electrons that are present inside in motion occasionally. That means it’s never a good idea to keep you laptop plugged in or on charge all the time as the electrons lose their ability to store energy. One should let it discharge fully and charge it completely at least once a month to keep the battery as good as new.

8. Switch-off unused wireless radios

9. Try to reduce multitasking: When using the laptop on battery power, one should try as much as possible to use one application at a time, and should ideally shut one application completely before opening another, to reduce consumption of both processing and battery power.

10. Defrag on regular intervals


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