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Saturday, February 18, 2012


1.  So here is something unheard to those who thought that ADMINISTRATOR was the king of the respective PC account.So for those who think so...ever thought why r u unable to fiddle with system files when u r the owner... that's because there is a SYSTEM account over and above the administrator who can delete the administrator account!!!!yes u read it how do u get to the system account.I am giving it a step by step attempt here with screen shots!!

2.  Firstly...get to your desktop and see ur user name...mine is windowsxp ie a user account with admin priveleges as shown below :

3.    Secondly,get to the command prompt and create a schedule to run cmd.exe as follows :

at 14:51 /interactive “cmd.exe”

*** The time mentioned here can be a minute or two ahead of whats the time u doing this action.

 4.   You can check schedule by typing “at“ and hitting enter after the above step.

5.    Now Wait for the time you set for the schedule and u see that cmd.exe would be launched at the specified time and a subsequent command prompt windows will open automatically.

6.    Now go to ur desktop without closing any window and reach the task manager and kill the explorer.exe file under the process tab.

7.    Close the first cmd window and not the second one.

8.    Reach the root directory by pressing cd\

9.    Type start explorer...thats u logged in as the shown:

 10.   Point to note :

- This is only for educational and info pupose.
- Never attempt it on a live system.
- Always do it on a virtualbox or Virtual machine or virtual PC.

11.   Thanks


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