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Sunday, February 19, 2012


1.   The Sunday that was@ Ethical Hacking Workshop by Ankit Fadia all I have to say now after a great great lively interactive (with demonstration) workshop with Ankit Fadia at Indore here...right from 10 in the morning to 1810h in the evening.This was my second workshop with him and this guy is only improving from his own earlier version for much better.The best thing about him is that he keeps it very very simple to understand for those who wish to.....and tops it with simple demos which actually make the thing go in the mind.Last I attended him at Adobe.

2.  I would always recommend all the young techo enthusiasts across not to miss attending any of his workshops if he is in your town.He never wastes a moment....never takes any unnecessary breaks in calls....all for you...the best part....he is so down to frillls......grt....for now I will start reading so many new things and terms that I got introduced owing to him......

3.  Thanks Ankit....and all the best!!!


  1. If you missed this LIVE offline event, there is an online event available as well. Here it is - Learn LIVE online in a day long training workshop by the master hacker himself : Ankit Fadia :)

  2. Indore Colleges full of events and Workshops...Thanks for sharing events

  3. And, thus spoke the master :)

    There is a fantastic opportunity for all Ankit Fadia fans.

    He is someone who keeps up with the trends and is definitely one with a great business acumen. However, first of all he is someone who understand security like very few experts - and importantly he provides training for everyone - not just geeks! A true pioneer indeed.