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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Apple Needs a Doctor : Bitten by JAVA - 1

1.   The year last ie 2012 was full of various security OS issue like it has always been over years...but one landmark news that made waves was the flashback malware that hit APPLE's Mac that has been long promoted as a safer OS amongst other peer competitors.But as always SIZE DOES as APPLE and market share grew, it became more proner. Dr  Web said that an estimated 600,000 Macs were as of April 2012 infected as a result of users unknowingly installing the FlashBack malware.So before I move's a simple FAQ compiled to understand more about FLASHBACK :

What exactly is Flashback?

-  Flashback is a form of malware designed to grab passwords and other information from users 
-  Spread through Web browser and other applications such as Skype. 
-  The user typically mistakes it for a legitimate browser plug-in while visiting a malicious Web site. 
-  At this point, the software installs code designed to gather personal information and send it back to remote servers. 

Apple needs a DOCTOR

When did it first appear?

-  End of September 2011
-  Pretending to be an installer for Adobe's Flash the malware evolved to target the Java runtime on OS X, where users visiting malicious sites would then be prompted to install it on their machine in order to view Web content. 

What has Apple done about it?

-  Apple has its own malware scanner built into OS X called XProtect. 
-  Since Flashback's launch, the security tool has been updated twice.
-  A more recent version of the malware, however, got around XProtect by executing its files through Java. 
-  Apple closed off the malware's main entry point with a Java update on April 3, and has since released a removal tool as part of a subsequent Java update.

How do I tell if I have it?

-  Right now the easiest way to tell if your computer has been infected is to head to security firm F-Secure and download its Flashback detection and removal software. 


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