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Thursday, January 31, 2013

DAEDALUS : Monitor Cyber-Attacks Realtime 3D way

1.    Whether it is the Die Hard ver 4.0 movie scene or Mission impossible recent one or any hi tech cyber movie....we have have all seen the mega sized dark halls equipped with gigantic screen displaying all sorts of real time ridiculous hacker related information and monitoring tracks of the enemy or the how good or effective or even real are these in the real sense....can some thing like these seen and shown over years on the silver screen be REAL....yesss...first watch this video and then read few points as bought out below :

2.   A company in Japan named NICT just unveiled a system dubbed Daedalus that will revolutionize the way companies and even countries can monitor cyber-attacks in full real time 3D representation.The key features about this is bought out as below :

- Daedalus is not only a way to monitor cyber-attacks from outside, but also what’s going on inside it. 

- So if someone receives an email with a virus for example, the system can quickly identify the IP address that is currently spreading it and shut it down immediately.

- The NICT recently gave a demonstration and tracked 190,000 IP addresses in real-time  

- Daedalus can monitor multiple entities at once and get notified, once again, via 3D graphical representation when a cyber-attack occurs. 

- This is not only when it happens, but instantly where it happens and who the attacker is.

3.      So when the objective is envisaged on a higher the complete global internet monitoring.....will this be the start to control spam(90% of mails exchanged on the web is spam)....or will this be able to control cyber attacks across.....well not a bad start to a start whose objective is MISSION IMPOSSIBLE type...another thing that may have come to your mind is about the name...of all what does Daedalus mean?...well in Greek mythology, Daedalus means "Clever Worker"

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