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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Upgrading Fedora 17 to Fedora 18

1.   Like me so many of you would have been waiting for the final release of Fedora 18 spherical cow...but at the same time when u see it released u have so many links to move around on how to upgrade from 17 to 18 but u keep ending up with previous one....i went through the same for past hour...:-)

2.  The only set of commands Fedora 17(only) users need to put in are these :
Reach the Root first with the password ie 

su -
*******(ur password)
su -c 'rpm --import'

su -c 'setenforce Permissive'

su -c 'yum update yum'

su -c 'yum clean all'

su -c 'yum --releasever=18 --disableplugin=presto distro-sync'

su -c 'rpm --rebuilddb', or rpm -qa will not work due to a upgrade of rpm

3.   For me the upgrade is around 1.6 G as seen in the screen shot below :

4.   Mine is upgrading on way....another few hours should be ok....:-) all the best for your upgrade


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