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Thursday, January 17, 2013


1.   Suppose you have a SBI or HDFC or ICICI Bank or any bank account and you keep doing your regular transactions via their internet banking services like you pay your electricity bills or your mobile or phone bills etc.So ALL is WELL till every thing is going as expected.But then one day you realize that there were transactions that happened without your knowledge or worse some money gets siphoned off without your permission.....Now a journey starts......wherein the account holder will keep expediting with bank of what happened,why it happened,when will he get his money back???? and on the other hand bank will keep trying to prove that it is you or the account holder who acted irresponsible in his transactions and thus became the victim....the typical tu tu....mein mein.....

2.    Keeping this typical story in the background,now just think that did u ever make a attempt to know of what bank standards are maintained in respect of IT Security infrastructure....does bank conduct third party audits seriously?..... in fact the list to know answers to all these questionnaire pertaining to IT security issues of the bank will end up getting complex which would go beyond the understanding level of a typical the simple question is WHO GUARANTEES A SECURE IT INFRASTRUCTURE for a BANK? it the bank itself that says " I am secure " or some one else has some authority or some standard that guarantees Can your savings bank account ever be guaranteed for being HACK FREE?Although the immediate answer in the current setup is sadly "NO"...but there is good news here....for this u need to read this article on " PATCO FRAUD CASE DISPUTE "

3. Brief of this good news goes like this in a Short ppt


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