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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


1.   Have u seen the epic movie SHOLAY.....where bad guys are hired to kill bad guys by the good people...its a must watch for those who have not seen this...on the same lines recently Japanese government has done some homework to counter cyber crime.....Outsourcing and working with Fujitsu to fight cyber crime with the help of developing a CYBER wEAPON VIRUS that automatically seeks out and destroys enemy viruses.Cyber Weapon almost acts like a human immune system tracking down and weeding out invading viruses. Systems like these are needed when facing the latest advanced threats.Few additional It is the culmination of a $2.3 million, three-year project to develop a virus and equipment to monitor and analyze attacks.  It is reported U.S and china have already put so-called cyber weapons into practical use.

2.   Tracing the source of cyber-attacks is notoriously difficult, mainly because attackers routinely hide behind botnets and anonymous proxies to launch attacks, such as denial of service assaults.Getting this right is a far from trivial process and the potential for collateral damage, even before hackers develop countermeasures, appears to be considerable. Few more points here about this good VIRUS :

- Currently, the virus is being tested in a “closed environment” to examine its applicable patterns. 

- The project is actually outsourced to Fujitsu Ltd. 

- It is capable to disable the incoming attack and record forensics data.

3.   It would actaully be interesting to know how would this be able to trace the source of cyber-attacks as claimed at times like today when the botnets and anonymous proxies are getting better and stronger by the day.


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