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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Download/Upload torrents - Legality Issues in India

1.  Read the following daily life talks in the air now a days :

"Hey did u download Agneepath & TIN TIN....the torrent is available now?"...

"No...its the cam print"..."waiting for the better print...yeah but I have downloaded MI4....the new torrent is crystal clear"

"MS Office 2010 has come and I m already using it on my netbook...& its for free from torrentz..."


.......these are few exchange of talks that invariably happens more among the young metro crowd and also getting popular in the Viltro's (Village+Metro)........but did they ever realise the legal aspect of all these talks and downloads? Its time to check all this......RETHINK!!!

2.   Now any one of you reading this and finding himself at some point of time shooting these dialogues at home/office/college should be in  for a shock...because as per the IT act he is a criminal involved in piracy of softwares and movies.


"Cyber crime is criminal activity done using computers and the Internet. This includes anything from downloading illegal music/movies/softwares files to stealing millions of dollars from online bank accounts. Cybercrime also includes non-monetary offenses, such as creating and distributing viruses on other computers or posting confidential business information on the Internet"

3.  So now that you have read this....the meat is here as follows given in point form for ease of understanding :

- When you download a movie/music/software from a torrent site,you are not only a leecher but at the same time you seed also.A Seed is used to refer to a peer who has 100% of the data.

-  When a leech obtains 100% of the data, that peer automatically becomes a Seed.Seeding refers to leaving a peer's connection available for other peers, i.e. leeches to download from.
- Normally, a peer should seed more data than leech. But, whether to seed or not, or how much to seed, is dependent on the availability of leeches and the choice of the peer at the seeding end.

- Did u understand this much...if not simply put it means that when u upload also at the same u are a illegal downloader and also a uploader of the pirated illegel content.So suppose you have downloaded MI4 or some are a pretty much proven criminal.If someone gets after you,you are in for real damage.

4. In context of India,though the relevant cyber laws and framework  are ready and already implemented but it will take time to be actually possible for the law to follow each one of them them up individually....thats the only positive side of all illegela downloaders...but there is catch to this...

5. What happens if some other country watches you? must be thinking y would some other country watch you downloading agneepath/TIN TIN!!!this is because your uploading may be happening in their all they need is your IP.Thats the end of it.Few major casualties include the famous Lt Col Jagmohan Balbir Singh, who was arrested on May 6 on the charges of circulating child pornography on the internet.The Mumbai Cyber Crime Cell arrested this Lieutenant Colonel from his south Mumbai house for allegedly uploading obscene photographs and video clips involving children on the internet.The German police came across the obscene contents being uploaded on a child pornography site from Mumbai in 2009.So this is where the string of the torrent catches you till end.The german police gave the IP to interpol and he was caught...unawares of what did he actually do? it is just unawareness on such issues that such things happen..

6. This time it was a Lt can be any one....u and depends won who is the (un)lucky guys if u r an ardent torrent downloader...think before you do some thing next.....the days are not far when all this will land you up in is just a matter of time in INDIA..!!