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Monday, January 23, 2012


1. In our endeavor to safely surf the web,rest assured ....we will never be safe in recent times to come.But we can always keep improving our surfing habits so that we are not easy victims.

2. Using HTTPS, the computers agree on a "code" between them, and then they scramble the messages using that "code" so that no one in between can read them. This keeps your information safe from hackers.

3.  As on date almost all the browsers offer plugins from their respective web stores that include what I am talking about here ie HTTPS ENFORCER.The HTTPS Enforcer extension makes it easy to ensure you’re connecting to secure sites by rewriting all requests to an HTTPS URL whenever you visit one of the sites HTTPS Enforcer supports.

4.  So install HTTPS plugin for ur respective browser...and SURF SAFE.


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