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Monday, January 02, 2012

Malware in the name of Kim Jong-il death : BEWARE!!!

1.   A "malicious spam mail" in the name of the dead North Korean leader Kim Jong is doing the rounds of the webosphsere and biting anyone whoever clicks it.The malicious spam carries a fake name as "brief_introduction_of_kim_jong_Ill_pdf.pdf". The subject file exploits vulnerabilities in Adobe reader and leads to remote code execution in the victim PC.

2.   The emails contain a simple line of text announcing the death, likely copied and pasted from the CNN website, and carries an attachment named brief_introduction_of_kim-jong-il.pdf.pdf.Once downloaded and executed, the malicious file opens a non-malicious PDF file containing a picture and information about the deceased man in order to hide its true activity on the victims' computer.In other variants of the same theme, the attached file is named Kim_Jong_il_s_death_affects_N._Korea_s_nuclear_programs.doc and, once opened, it drops backdoor-opening malware into the system, which then connects to a remote Command & Control server for further instructions.After this much code execution...its JAI HIND.....

3.  So don't open this one from ur PC if u have read this much.....


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