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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Browser Updates

1.   Without emphasizing on the need of why we should always keep our browsers updated,I am briefly bringing out here how to check and update your browsers.These browsers are invariably the most commonly used one's I just updated few of them although the browsers exists in plenty!!!!


To check the version of your Web Browser, Open the  Browser 
and do the following actions :

For Opera Browser

Click on “Main Menu > Help > About Opera”.

For Firefox

Click “Main Menu >Help> About Firefox.

For Internet Explorer

Press Alt+H and Click on “About Internet Explorer”.

For Apple Safari

Press Alt+H and Click on “About Safari”.


To check whats the latest version doing the surfing....i advise two options...either you can simply ask google or check form the respective websites of the web browser...or another easy(but third party) way out is to check the latest versions available for download at


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