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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cloud Forensics:The State as on Date

1.   Cloud Forensics per se has got two powerful terms of today's buzzing IT World..... that's Cloud and Forensics...when traditional computing methods of forensics are still to mature...Cloud itself has a long way to go before the final matured model comes up...this combination actually refers to the world of CLOUD FORENSICS. NIST defines it as follows :

"Cloud forensics is the application of digital forensics science in cloud computing environments. Technically, it consists of a hybrid forensic approach (e.g., remote, virtual, network, live, large-scale, thin-client, thick-client) towards the generation of digital evidence. Organizationally, it involves interactions among cloud actors (i.e.,cloud provider, cloud consumer, cloud broker, cloud carrier, cloud auditor) for the purpose of facilitating both internal and external investigations. Legally it often implies multi-jurisdictional and multi-tenant situations."

2.   Today at NULLs meet,I got an opportunity to give this presentation on Cloud Forensics....the copy is shown below :

3. About NULL...please read about the community at their website at The team is doing a great job for buzzing IT professionals,students,geeks,script kiddies(like me!!! :-). NULL boasts of an active security community where monthly meets and regular security awareness camps in various Institutions and Organizations are held. Basically a bunch of security phreaks who like to share their technical expertise and hacking skills with each other and spread awareness among the common people about the good, the bad and the ugly side of computers and technology. They believe that sharing the right technical knowledge leads to expertise and innovation.I joined them about 4 months back and have learned a lot in few meets that I attended!!!!!