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Sunday, July 13, 2014


1.     How many of us and those who are live wire updated with the Cyber security have heard of ethical hacker editions of any DVD with all hackers dream collection vide one window.When we speak on such editions foremost comes like Backtrack(ethical), Backbox ,Samurai Web Security Framework, Bugtraq, Nodezero etc. In this post I am introducing you guys to a relatively unheard Operating System by the name of SEDULITY OPERATING SYSTEM. I just got a copy from the originator Dr Anup Girdhar who holds a Ph.d in Cyber Security. I have recently installed it on a Virtual Box and believe you me I am yet to install any third party tool....coz everything I need is already inside.Definetly a good distro for beginners in this field. Here I bring you the basic installation screen shots and few details of this edition of OS.

2.     Sedulity Solutions & Technologies is India’s first organization, who have developed and patented a "Flavored Operating System" in five different flavors including -
  • Corporate Edition
  • Developers Edition
  • Ethical Hackers Edition
  • Forensics Edition
  • Gaming Edition
3.    Sedulity OS Ethical Hackers Edition is an exclusive creation that helps the Security Professionals to perform Penetration Testing and vulnerability Assessment in a purely dedicated environment. Sedulity OS-Ethical Hackers Edition is meant for all those Researchers, Hackers, and Security Professionals, who wanted to do hands-on, in various platforms of technologies with all the Latest tools Pre-Deployed in it.

 In the next post will bring you screen shots from inside the OS...bringing you interfaces of the tools available in the OS.


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