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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Snowden Reveals : Projects to Profile YOU

1.  Documents revealed by Edward Snowden pertaining to the National Security Agency (NSA), US surveillance programs and US Intelligence Community partners abroad were released about a year back and revealed a horde of code named projects that were all intruding our lives in some way or the other.This post brings out the glossary of codenamed PROJECTS along with a small brief of what was the intent of the project.These have been listed here after I read " The Snowden Files" by Luke Harding.This long list is actually a miniscule of thousands hidden projects which all are after every bit of info that we all share,emails,chat,photos etc...thats all in all everything!!!!!


The codename given to an NSA operation to gather data from French diplomats' offices at the United Nations in New York and this information was collected from bugged computer screens.


The name given to an open-source database created by the National Security Agency (NSA) but later made available to others via the Apache Foundation. It stores large amounts of structured and unstructured data across many computers and can use it to create near real-time reports.


NSA has been spying on Petrobas, Brazil's largest oil company, through the "Blackpearl" program that extracts data from private networks.

Evening Esel

The NSA conducts its surveillance of telephone conversations and text messages transmitted through Mexico's cell phone network under the internal code name "Eveningeasel."

Angry Birds

Leaked documents indicate that the NSA and GCHQ routinely try to gain access to personal data from Angry Birds and other mobile applications.


The revelations claim that "vast amounts of encrypted Internet data which have up till now been discarded are now exploitable vide  Bullrun,a clandestine, highly classified decryption program run by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and The British signals intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) with a similar program codenamed Edgehill.

Boundless Informant

A tool used by the NSA to analyse the metadata it holds. It aims to let analysts know what information is currently available about a specific country and whether there are trends can be deduced.

Cheesy Name

A GCHQ program designed to identify encryption keys that could be cracked by the agency's computers.


The codename for a system used to process and store SMS message data.A leaked 2011 NSA presentation, published by the Guardian, indicated it was used to collect about 194 million texts a day, adding that the content was shared with GCHQ.


The name for a way to bug security-enhanced fax machines to provide the NSA with access to documents that have passed through encrypted fax machines based in other countries' foreign embassies.


An NSA programme, identified in a leaked memo analysed by the Washington Post, which is said to involve the remote delivery of spyware to devices on foreign-controlled networks.


The NSA's tool to gather metadata about the online activity of targets and other internet users.The Marina metadata application tracks a user's browser experience, gathers contact information/content and develops summaries of target.


A proposed NSA system to chart relationships between people in real-time.


A joint project operated by the NSA and GCHQ used to intercept data from the cable links that are used by Google and others to connect up their computer servers, which are located across the world .


Identified by an alleged NSA slide, the term appears to refer to an effort to screen out metadata collected about US citizens as part of the Prism programme before it is analysed by the Marina and Mainway systems.


An NSA tool used to analyse voice data gathered via the Prism programme.


The alleged codename given to an NSA effort to track users of Tor (The Onion Router) - a project that aims to let people browse the web anonymously by bouncing their traffic through other people's computers.


The codename for an NSA surveillance operation targeting the EU's offices in New York and Washington.


A surveillance system launched in 2007 by the NSA allows the organization to "receive" emails, video clips, photos, voice and video calls, social networking details, log-ins and other data held by a range of US internet firms including Apple, AOL, Facebook, Google (including YouTube), Microsoft (including Skype), Paltalk and Yahoo.


A technique used to redirect a target's computer to a fake website where it can be infected with malware.


A metadata-collecting scheme from communications in which at least one party was outside the US, and none of the other parties could be known to be US citizens.

The codename given to an operation to create a "buffer" to allow huge amounts of data to be temporarily stored for analysis and is run by GCHQ to hold content gathered from tapped fibre-optic cables for three days and metadata for 30 days so that both it and the NSA can search and analyse it before details are lost.


A tool reportedly used by the NSA to study what vulnerabilities a target's computer has. It then uses this knowledge to infect the machine with malware via a web browser.



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