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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


1.   Backtrack 5 comes with pre-installed  metasploit framework v4.0 but now Metasploit Community comes with updated  Web Ui version and others functionalities and even more exploits.To exploit the new features and functionalities it is important to upgrade the existing Metasploit version to its current stable version.But unlike in past it is not simply a matter of doing msfupdate in the msfconsole.Here I bring you few simple steps with screen shots to enable you to upgrade your version of Metasploit.

Firstly download the current available version ie Metasploit framework v4.5 which can be downloaded from Metasploit Framework site here
or click at
Secondly Installing Metasploit Community over the existing metasploit framework installation won't work for various reasons so the best way to start is by uninstalling the earlier version of Metasploit Framework first and this basically comes to the following terminal commands.

# cd /opt/metasploit/
# ls
# ./uninstall
Thirdly ,Make installer when you have downloaded the file with name "", open new terminal window and enter the following commands.

# chmod u+x /root/

Fourthly, Run Installer

# ./

This will now be explained further till installation vide screen shots as below :

At the end of the installer, the metasploit web UI will open in your browser (https://localhost:3790/) and you follow the steps to register and choose the metasploit community edition for free....thats it!!!


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