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Monday, October 18, 2010

CaaS : CRIME WARE AS A SERVICE at offer now

1. Bhaigiri...Supari..khokha...and similar terms have been till date used in reference with the crime come to terms like Software as a Service(SaaS), Hardware as a service(HaaS) ,Platform as a service(PaaS) etc and the list is all set to become endless with cloud computing...whats the relation here????? goes 2 merge these two separate worldsie CRIME & IT....the earlier terms mentioned pertain to the world of crime and the later once refer to the vast possibilities and power knocking the users....thus refers to Crimeware as a Service(CaaS)

2. The controverting side is the world of hackers & cyber criminals who seem to exploit their technical tools to great effect. However, even for newbie hackers eager to join this world don’t need to possess the required levels of technological expertise. CaaS (Crimeware-as-a-Service) pulled out of some distant Cloud can provision the necessary tools, be they Virus/Worm Creation Kits, Denial of Service (DoS) applications or more simply estabilishing a botnet.A recent research proved they can be just a mouse click away! Kits were easily located to build a variant of ‘Indra’ Malware, as well as a manifestation of Badboy , providing the user with the power to create their own version to send on to their targets.

3. Granted these are not examples of cutting-edge malware, but they do however still pose a threat to the unprepared and unsuspecting organisation. As amazing as it may seem, even today there are large organisations who permit access to sites, and allow the download of Malware Construction Kits – and even more worrying, there are still pockets of companies who do not maintain their anti-virus or patches in an up-to-dtate condition.

4. Crime is going to be a inherent part in the cyber world and the cause of worry is that unlike army and mil est in the real concrete effort and source is there to resist these evil forces.We are still acting to a situtaion when need of the hour is to be more then PROACTIVE.....


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