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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Is ur Account Hacked ?- Common ways u get compromised.

1.    There is no doubt on the fact that Google users are growing phenomenally.....and with this growing rise also comes the phenomenal rise and ways to get compromised or become a botnet.Thus a Google Account is also valuable for spammers and other unknown citizenry looking to impair you with ur personal info and data on ur pc and account inbox. It’s not so much about your account, but rather the fact that your circle of relatives and friends see your Google Account and mails from it as reliable.

2.   Nothing new about this but the most common ways hackers can login to your Google password are:
  • Password re-use: You sign up for an account on a third-party site with your Google username and password. If that site is hacked and your sign-in information is discovered, the hijacker has easy access to your Google Account.
  • Malware: You use a computer with infected software that is designed to steal your passwords as you type (“keylogging”) or grab them from your browser’s cache data.
  • Phishing: You respond to a website, email, or phone call that claims to come from a legitimate organization and asks for your username and password.
  • Brute force: You use a password that’s easy to guess, like your first or last name plus your birth date (“ujjwal3008”), or you provide an answer to a secret question that’s common and therefore easy to guess, like “dosa” for “What is your favorite food?”
3.   Another common error that we all unknowingly is that we keep the password same for multiple accounts on yahoo,gmail,blumail and so on.......put on ur thinking caps......if one account linked to other user name is compromised ....then in a way all are....


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