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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Image Ballistics : Incredible IT

1. In a typical crime or a murder case anywhere involving a pistol or a firing weapon,the forensic or the investigating personnel's involved can make out the make and model of the firing weapon with the help of the bullet found on site.The field dealing with this is known as ballistics.Now sync this with the field of imagine that u have shot a photograph or are analyzing some pic and you wish to know which camera was used to shoot that pic.......can u find out???????Yes....the answer is yesss!!!the field is known as Image Ballistics.

2. In a recent case,i read about a rave party being organized at outer skirts of a city with about a 200  plus people ,all collegites and similar age group....all of them had a blast and a few with some wrong ideas caught hold of a girl...drugged her and made some obscene mms and clicked some day it was uploaded on the you tube and the social networking how to find the culprit?pretty difficult when about a 200 plus strength of personnel's have to be inquired.....the answer is Image Ballistics....the investigating agency got hold of the pics...came to know which model the pics were clicked from...yes the answer was a famous Nokia Model the owners were now limited to 8 out of the 200 plus strength...there mobiles checked and the simple recovery software's were enough to find out the culprit......imagine....isn't it astonishing.....
 3.   I checked up the state of pics clicked from my camera years back and all answers were correct.....few Nikon,few easy and free tool for such investigation is JPEGSNOOP.Simple to download,very small size and great analysis report.....


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