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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crack 14 Character passwords in Seconds : Objectif Sécurité

1.    There have been articles and forums on the powerful high speed GPU (video card) processors being able to easily provision cracking passwords very apace.A new technology steps here to rule the roast and allow password cracking upto 14 characters in seconds.....this is  called Objectif Sécurité ,by a Swiss security company,which uses rainbow tables on SSD drives.Seemingly it is the hard drive access time and not the processor speed that slows down cracking speed. So using SSD drives can make cracking faster, but just how fast? This technique has a phenominal capacity that could crack passwords at a rate of 300 billion passwords a second, and could decode complex password in under 5.3 seconds.

2.    A real time demo of cracking is available on line at Objectif’s free online XP hash cracker.Just visit the link and see urself by mentioning the hash in the text box.....astoundingly simple....


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