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Thursday, October 07, 2010


1. Off late I have been experimenting with few software's which claim to do a 100% cleansing action of removing every browsing marks and history of any kind on your computer that u use for work and surfing.These incl the following :

2. Among these I have no doubts of who is leading?....CyberScrub Privacy Suite v 5.1 & PC Tools Privacy Guardian v4.5.Though CyberScrub Privacy Suite v 5.1 does leave Chrome traces and does't have Chrome included in its list of browsers......It does a pretty neat job by giving options of wiping that include Navy Staff Office Publication (NAVSO PUB) 5239,Russian Gost,Brouce Schneier algorith and many others with options of selecting passes......on the other side ie PC Tools Privacy Guardian v4.5...includes chrome as a option to be selected with similar wiping algorith options.....

3. Try you must.......all of them to know the real difference or simply follow the recommendations......


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