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Friday, October 08, 2010

Security Enabled Hardware :INTEL - McAfee Merger

1.      “Security is more effective when enabled in hardware” provisions for something in the pipe known as Security Enabled Hardware.Howzzz that???? There has been a lot of speculation about the rationale behind Intel's recent acquisition of McAfee....well if u r not aware of this Intel’s proposed $7.7billion purchase of McAfee that comes as the most magnanimous takeover deal in the chip giant’s 40-odd-year history....u better be now....although there is no product roadmap to speak of yet.

2.       McAfee technology deeply desegregated into Intel products would mean adding security functionality into Intel’s chip. But would this pushing security into silicon be able to negate the increasingly sophisticated and dynamic threats from cyber crime? Though components of security could be significantly enhanced if chips were designed integrating this way. What about updates,patches etc

3.       Security in the 21st century is about being dynamic, responding to the ever-changing threat landscape in real-time, which you can do with a cloud-based system powered by a network of threat intelligence sensors and reputation-based technologies that stop threats before they even hit the device. Pushing security down to the hardware level makes it very difficult to be reactive, agile or fundamentally secure.


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